Data Management

Rapid development web-based reporting system with high-level charting, R Statistical Analysis and Network Graphs.


Enhancing evidence based decision making through rapid collation and assessment of the academic literature.


Applications with advanced visualization capabilities.


Our software applications were developed to enhance the way we use and understand data collected from other systems. Our focus is on improving the efficiency of data scientists so that they can support multiple projects and environments with little additional effort.

Quickly understand the current literature around your project.

Quickly access data from heterogeneous databases while addressing patient privacy.

Quickly assess, understand and document the Database.
Meta Data Repository

Quickly investigate and report on the database and share with others.

Perform more advanced analysis and visualization.
DataMergeR, Automated Association Analysis, Forest Ranger,
Timeline, MT4Health, RMail


About Us

Healthcare Simulations Inc is focused on improving the process and efficiency of working with data in the healthcare world. We provide software applications for data management, analysis and visualization of information. Our applications are used in a variety of environments from critical care environments in acute care hospitals to public health research occurring in developing countries.

Healthcare Simulations Inc provides consulting services on analytics, health informatics and global health projects.

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